Step Two - Images

Great job! We've almost got everything we need to begin creating your beautiful tailored wedding website.


The website templates we work with all place a heavy amount of focus on the photographs used. Typically a photograph of the couple (that's you) will be displayed through out the site as backgrounds, headers or footers. That is why it is important to choose carefully which images you'd like us to display through out your wedding website. We recommend selecting a small collection of images (10-20) which show variety. A good collection should include candid shots, close-up shots, distant shots, and of course your favourites. Try and include photographs that you believe tell your story the best

If you do not have current images to use, click HERE for more options.

Send us your images. You can do this by uploading the images to Dropbox or WeTransfer and sending them to our Alternatively you can do it the old fashion way, via snail mail. Please note: we only accept images on USB drives. We do not accept CDS, DVDs or disks. You can post this to:

6 Ardern Ave,
Stanmore Bay,
Auckland, 0932,
New Zealand.

Once you've decided how you're going to send your images, 
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Sending Your Images
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